Janine Combes

Contemporary Jeweller and Artist


Janine Combes work is inspired by the beautiful natural environment where she lives on the island of Tasmania and from travels to other remote parts of the world. Dividing her time between Hobart and her studio on Bruny Island – one of Tasmania’s several hundred smaller islands she states “I make sculptural jewellery works which are inspired by textures and recurring shapes within the natural environment and, in particular, within island environments. The contained spaces created by islands allow you to separate from life’s clutter. Time slows down, distractions are minimised."

Janine uses recurring shapes and textures to reflect the individual organisms which make up a whole unique, miniature environment. The value of these small scenes is often overlooked by a world focused on big scale and complexity.  Sterling silver, pearls, bone, horn, recycled aluminium are used with within designs focusing on texture and bold, original forms.